Estonian parliament declares Russian Federation a terrorist regime

The Estonian parliament (Riigikogu) has declared the regime in Russia a terrorist one. Members of the parliament also condemn Russia’s annexation of sovereign Ukrainian territories, as reported by Estonian ERR.
The statement was passed with 88 votes in favour. Three members of the parliament abstained in the vote. The statement also stresses that Estonia will «never recognize the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine through aggressions and sham referenda»,

«Violation of law can never create law. Putin’s regime, with its threats of nuclear attack has transformed Russia into the biggest danger to peace both in Europe and in the whole world,»

the statement mentions.
«Supporting an appeal from Ukraine’s parliament to nations and international organizations, the Riigikogu has declared Russia a terrorist regime and the Russian Federation a country which supports terrorism, whose actions we must confront together. The Riigikogu calls on the international community to adopt similar declarations.»

«Estonia supports the people, the state, and the army of Ukraine with all the means available and believes in the victory of Ukraine as this is the only way to restore peace in Europe,»

the Estonian parliament stresses in the statement.
The Riigikogu invites other EU and NATO member states to increase military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine and assist with its post-war recovery.
The statement also condemns the use of mercenary companies, such as the infamous Wagner Group, which is currently in control of the eastern parts of City of Bakhmut. The Estonian parliament also issued an invitation to the International Court and International Criminal Court to perform an investigation to identify war crimes and those responsible for them, as well as to bring them to justice.
BNN previously reported that Lithuania was the first Baltic State to declare the Russian war in Ukraine a genocide and Russia itself a terrorist state. Latvia’s Saeima declared Russia’s violence against Ukraine’s and other countries’ residents acts of terror and Russia itself – a country sponsoring terrorism.