Estonian parliament backs Chancellor of Justice candidacy from President

In Estonia, the parliament has supported current Chancellor of Justice to stay in office for a second term as suggested by President Alar Karis, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
The Riigikogu vote on the candidacy of Ülle Madise took place on Wednesday, December 15. In a secret ballot, 63 legislators out of a total of 101 backed her to continue in the office. Madise’s second term of seven years will begin on March 30, 2022.
The experienced legal professional noted in a speech prior to the vote that the role of the Chancellor of Justice in the Estonian legal system was clear for her.
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«It is not appropriate to compete for popularity or renounce one’s oath of office no matter how substantial one’s grounds seem. The justice chancellor cannot and must not step in for representatives of the people or the court. Only then can we maintain rule of law that truly serves as the guarantor of all fundamental rights and obligations. The Constitution and rule of law frame authority. Always. Whereas this framework is not altered by lines of power in the parliament or the makeup of the government. All voters and their representatives deserve equal respect. I clearly understand, now based on personal experience, that the justice chancellor shares in responsibility for Estonia’s fate,» the Estonian Chancellor of Justice explained to legislators in Tallinn, ERR reports.