Estonian MPs prepare draft statement to declare Russia a terrorist regime

The chairman of the Estonian parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee said on Tuesday,27 September, a draft motion is in the works which will declare Russia a terrorist regime if passed, as reported by Estonian broadcaster ERR. 
Committee chairman Marko Mihkelson said the Parliament of Ukraine has called on other countries and international organisations to declare Russia a country supporting terrorism and Estonian MPs want to respond to this proposal.
«In our committee, we have unanimously agreed that it is necessary to prepare a draft statement to declare Russia a terrorist regime and the Russian Federation a state supporting terrorism,» said Mihkelson.

«We must also strongly condemn its [Russia’s] activities, including the organising of sham referendums in Ukraine,» the Committee chairman explained.

Mihkelson said the Estonian parliament’s political groups will continue to work on the text and aim to table the motion in two weeks’ time.
Twenty–one member of the 101–seat parliament must back the initiation of the proposal.
Since Feburary, the Parliament of Estonia has issued three statements condemning Russia’s full–scale invasion, including recognising the war as a genocide against the Ukrainian nation.
If the proposal is approved by the Parliament of Estonia, it will mean that all three Baltic States will have declared Russia a terrorist state.
Lithuania was one of the first Baltic states to recognise Russia’s war in Ukraine as genocide and to brand Russia a terrorist state in May.
BNN has already reported that in August, the Latvian Saeima, in an official statement, recognised Russia’s violence against the civilian population of Ukraine and other countries as terrorism and Russia itself as a state sponsor of terrorism.