Estonian minister under scrutiny for purchase of rapid tests for schools

In Estonia, its Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna is under scrutiny over the procurement of coronavirus rapid tests for schools, where several million euros have been paid, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
In October 2021, during another outbreak of Covid-19 in Estonia, it is suspected that the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research in the initial tender to procure coronavirus rapid tests for schools contacted only one bidder, resulting the ministry paying EUR 5.1 million for two million tests.
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ERR reports that the ministry’s second contractor has been also found in an unannounced negotiated public tender, and even though the price was considerably lower – EUR 2.37 million for 2.1 million tests. An audit of Estonian Ministry of Education and Research resulted in a finding that the second tender should have been organised as a standard public procurement since the unforeseen need criterion was no longer present.
Kersna was quoted as saying to ERR that she has been notified of misdemeanor proceedings against her. Kersna explained: «I was complying with a government decision in an extraordinary situation.»