Estonia to place 130-km of barbed wire along its border amid migration crisis

The Estonian Defence Ministry has decided to act to secure its border against possible irregular migration and Defence Minister Kalle Laanet has ordered the Estonian Defence Forces to erect a 130-km-long barbed wire fence along the country’s eastern border, ERR broadcaster reports.
Although the northernmost Baltic republic does not have a border with Belarus, from where irregular migration flow to its neighbours in the EU has increased this week, news in EU press about the chance of a similar scenario possible on Estonian border have been met with caution in Tallinn. German newspaper Die Welt wrote on Thursday, November 11 that Russia could use an airport located 30 kilometres from the border with Estonia to send migrants to the Baltic borders.
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The Estonian Defence Minister explained: «Belarus continues to escalate its hybrid attack on the borders of Poland and Lithuania, which is why we will implement the necessary measures to protect the Estonian border. In addition to the barbed wire, the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) is prepared to contribute to protecting the border alongside the Defence Forces, PPA and the Defence Forces have already started negotiations.»
ERR reports that Baltic and EU officials have accused Minsk of facilitating and enabling irregular migration as a form of hybrid attack in retaliation to sanctions. Meanwhile, Alexander Lukashenko has denied being involved in the surge in irregular migration through Belarusian territory in 2021.