Estonia to impose stricter Covid-19 rules limiting cafes and events to vaccinated, recovered people

Estonia plans to introduce stricter epidemiological rules toward the population meeting in cafes and events in culture, entertainment. Just as throughout the Baltic states, Estonian hospitals struggle to ensure adequate treatment to the growing number of hospitalised Covid-19 patients, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
Prime Minister Kaja Kallas announced earlier this week that the new restrictions are to be imposed due to soaring infection case rates, and in particular, to curb hospitalizations.
As of Monday, October 25, in Estonia, a negative coronavirus test result can no longer be used to gain access to indoor public events. This also concerns Estonian Culture Minister Anneli Ott, who has not been vaccinated thus far, prompting criticism in the Riigikogu and the cultural sector.
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As to facemasks, it will be strongly recommended to wear a facemask in public and checks will be increased. Entering cultural and entertainment events and restaurants will be limited to Covid-19 vaccinated and recovered people.
As to the situation in hospitals, they will receive state support for dealing with crisis. For the vaccination campaign more money will be given to vaccinators to help speed up the rollout, ERR reports.