Estonia seeks more competition in electric grid market

As the Estonian government seeks to increase competition in electric energy sales, it has adopted amendments to laws aimed at new power distribution options and increased competition in electric car charging stations, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
The government led by Prime Minister Kersti Kaljulaid passed the amendments on Thursday, September 2. Economic Affairs and Communications Minister Taavi Aas explained: «If we are talking about specific things this change will bring, then primarily it gives better opportunities to produce electricity in sparsely populated areas, /…/ increasing the flexibility of networks, so that network companies would acquire more services from other providers, from a large circle of service providers and not just from the same company’s associates. There are also restrictions on network companies, which are dealing with charging points and electricity production points».
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According to ERR, Aas continued: «We know grid distributors always have a certain advantage over other parties in the market. With this amendment, restrictions are imposed on distributors, in simple terms, grid companies cannot offer services, such as charging points, on their own».