Estonia seeks Janssen vaccine from other countries as little proportion delivered

Estonia plans to ask other EU countries for the single-dose Covid-19 vaccine as it has received a little proportion of the 300 000 doses it has ordered, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
Tanel Kiik, the Estonian Minister of Health and Labour, said on Tuesday, September 7, in an interview with ERR there will be no Janssen doses delivered to Estonia during September and none arrived in August either. Officials now prepare requesting the vaccines from other member states and more clarity on this issue is expected on Thursday, September 9.
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Kiik explained that the plan is to borrow the vaccines temporarily and return them from future deliveries to Estonia. As to the amount of doses Estonia seeks, Kiik responded: «It does depend on the countries’ ability and willingness to provide it, but we are talking about several tens of thousands of vaccine doses».
Although Estonia has ordered 300,000 doses of the Janssen Covid-19 vaccine, only 46,000 have been delivered to the northern-most Baltic country, ERR reported quoting the minister.