Estonia proposes lifting restrictions on «vaccinated island»

In Estonia, a suggestion has been voiced by the Prime Minister Kaja Kallas to lift epidemiological restrictions in one of the country’s 15 counties after its population reached the goal of 70% adults vaccinated against Covid-19. That is the Hiiu County located on Estonia’s western islands, public broadcaster ERR reports.
Despite being the smallest Estonian county both by the size of its territory and its population, Hiiu County with its 9.4 thousand population is the first to have reached the vaccination goal.
«I have made a proposal to the scientific council to discuss the possibility of losing coronavirus measures in Hiiu County. This means it would no longer be mandatory to check for people’s health safety in Hiiumaa and masks would not have to be worn,» the Estonian Prime Minister wrote on social media on Monday, September 13.
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According to Kallas 73.3 percent of Hiiumaa’s adult population has been fully vaccinated and among people aged 60 and up – 86.4 percent.
«In case losing the coronavirus measures in Hiiumaa does not lead to new outbreaks, this approach could be used for other counties. The scientific council will not discuss if and on what conditions this could be possible,» Estonian Prime Minister stated as quoted by ERR.