Estonia not planning novel restrictions for now

In Estonia, health care officials currently have not requested for new epidemiological restrictions to be imposed regionally or nationwide. That is because despite the rapid spread of the disease in the country, projections for hospitalised Covid-19 patients for the end of October envisage a considerably low number of them, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
On Monday, October 11, Mari-Anne Härma, acting director general of the Health Board, visited the Riigikogu to answer the questions of Estonian legislators. «The infection rate R is currently 1.2, which means we will see days where there will be 1,500, 1,600 and 1,700 infections at the end of October. But there will be 450 patients in hospital. If we get to 600 patients in the hospital, the situation is bad,» Härma explained.
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Answering the question of the necessity of new epidemiological restrictions, the official told that there is no need to create new restrictions in haste as the number of new patients needing treatment is not growing quickly. Yet, Härma said she was aware that the government will discuss this week the possibility of new restrictions.
«The measures must be short-term, but effective. This is to ensure planned and emergency assistance,» Mari-Anne Härma noted adding that that the economy should remain as open as possible, ERR reports.