Estonia expedition head: Wreck’s 3D model will be developed

Following another Baltic Sea expedition to place where the wreck of the Estonia ferry lies at the bottom of the sea, the head of the expedition has said that a three-dimensional model of the wreck will be made for the purposes of further investigation, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
Margus Kurm, the head of the expedition and the former state prosecutor, explained on Tuesday, October 12, to reporters that that the SA Mare Liberum foundation-led expedition had four objectives. They were to scan the wreck of the sunken ferry, to document on video the damages to the wreck, to examine the car deck and to observe the seabed.
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The head of the expedition noted that approximately 25,000 photos were taken of the wreck, on the basis of which a 3D model of the wreck will be put together. The model will allow investigators to see the wreck in its entirety and measure the scope of the damages.
«The model will also reveal penetrating injuries,» Kurm explained. The Estonian former state prosecutor noted that some areas of the wreck have not been photographed, but these, he said, were not relevant when it comes to the disaster. The 3D model will take up to four weeks to be finished, ERR wrote.