Estonia adds seven wrecks to its long list of sunken ships found in its part of Baltic Sea

In the Baltic Sea, near the coasts of Estonia, seven previously unknown wrecks have been found in the hydrography research carried out by the Estonian Transport Authority in 2021 thus far, ERR broadcaster reports.
One example of a wreck found near Estonia’s largest island, Saaremaa, is a suspected German merchant vessel. The German merchant ship Iller, if that is indeed what the crew found, was sunk by Soviet planes on October 9, 1944. The Estonian Transport Authority ship had found the wreck this summer, while it had not been added to the shipwrecks map. Hydrography survey found seven previously unknown hulks in the vicinity of Saaremaa, in 2021.
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«They vary in shape and size, with some of considerable girth. There could be merchant vessels or even warships among them,» commented Peeter Väling, head of the authority’s hydrography department, to ETV news program Aktuaalne kaamera.
Hydrographers in Estonia have since 1999 mapped and measured 70% of Estonia’s approximately 36,000 square-kilometre wide territorial waters. As many as six hundred wrecks have been found lying on the seabed, ERR reports.