Epidemiologists: Covid-19 infection rates have gone down thanks to the lockdown

Last week the number of new Covid-19 infection cases in Latvia went down 23.4%. Currently infection rates are on a slight decline. This may be thanks to the epidemiological measures imposed in the country to prevent crowding, according to Latvian Disease Prevention and Monitoring Centre (SPKC).
An average of 20 041 tests were performed daily between 1st and 7th of November (22 217 the week prior) and an average of 1 812 new infection cases were found daily (2 375 the week prior). Of all performed tests 43% or 59 881 were related to screening at education institutions and 57% (80 406) were performed for other residents. 4% of positive results were for education workers and 96% were for the rest of tested Latvian residents.
Covid-19 reproduction number dropped to 0.8 last week (0.97 a week prior), which indicates a slight drop with the spread of the infection in society.
The drop is observed in all age groups. The smallest drop in infection rates is observed among residents 80 years old. This group has more or less stabilized.
Infection rates are down in all Latvian regions. However, Covid-19 remains a serious problem in Latgale and Vidzeme, more so than in other regions of Latvia.
Looking at last week’s uncovered Covid-19 cases and the vaccination status of infected people, 8 626 were not vaccinated for Covid-19 or had not yet completed their vaccination course when they were infected. This is equal to 68% of all infections uncovered last week. 4 059 people were vaccinated (32%). A comparison of the infection’s intensity per 100 000 residents (vaccinated/non-vaccinated/partially vaccinated) in Latvia, Covid-19 infection is observed 2.2 times more often among non-vaccinated and partially vaccinated residents when compared to fully vaccinated residents.