Epidemiologist explains why it is important to vaccinate even though people can still get Covid-19 after getting both shots

People who are vaccinated for Covid-19 sometimes feel too confident, which can and sometimes does lead to «bigger risks – people don’t wear masks or maintain a safe distance from other people», said epidemiologist Ņikita Trojanskis in an interview to TV24.
«In reality, from the very start politicians in Europe approached the communication of the importance of vaccines and vaccination in a very incorrect way. You could say there was an attempt to sell it like a laundry detergent – vaccinate and everything will be alright!» says the epidemiologist, adding that battling the pandemic requires multiple layers of measures.
«Vaccination helps reduce the risk of hospitalisation and the risk of infection, but people still have to wear protective masks.»
Even a vaccinated person sooner or later will reach a critical point after inhaling Covid-19 infection particles. The virus will multiply and lead to health problems. This is why residents should wear protective masks and maintain a safe distance from other people, the epidemiologist explains.
According to Trojanskis, there are very few types of medical manipulations, medicines or vaccines that give a 100% guarantee. «The vaccines available in Latvia, especially mRNA vaccines, provide very high protection against severe infection. 90-95%,» says the specialist.
However, he does add that immunity might not form for a small percentage of people.
«I would say it is foolish to not vaccinate because a person may be one of those 5% who do not develop immunity. You have a vaccine available and it helps reduce the risk of hospitalisation. This is significant!»