Epidemiologist: everyone should get booster shots for protection against Omicron variant

In the context of Omicron variant of Covid-19, booster shots would benefit all residents to help avoid symptomatic infection, said P.Stradins Clinical University Hospital infectologist and University of Latvia professor Uga Dumpis on Twitter.
He explains booster shots can help enhance the public immunity wall. While there are no approved publications about this, the infectologist referenced a new and scientifically non-referenced research.
According to Latvia’s State Agency of Medicines, current data suggests the side-effects from booster shots are similar to side-effects experienced from initial vaccination.
According to Minister of Health Daniels Pavļuts’ statements given to TV3 programme 900 second, seven Omicron cases have been confirmed for seven arrivals in Latvia. Another 12 are currently ‘suspects’. There are also five secondary cases – when people became infected after contacting people who arrived from abroad.
In response to the rapid spread of Omicron variant in Africa and Europe, all arrivals to Riga International Airport will be screened more intensely for Covid-19, as reported by Ministry of Health.
Covid-19 screening applies to the following countries: Germany, Britain, Sweden, Egypt, Poland, Italy, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Malta, Ukraine, Georgia and Switzerland. Flights will be screened in rotation.