EP Legal Affairs Committee suggests annulling Latvian MEP’s parliamentary immunity

European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee has presented a proposal to annul the parliamentary immunity of Latvian MEP and ex-mayor of Riga Nils Ušakovs, as confirmed by the parliament.
The final decision will be made by EP, which plans to discuss this topic in November.
Ušakovs said he is grateful to all members of the Legal Affairs Committee and rapporteurs for their highly professional approach, adding that he expects the same professionalism from the Office of the Prosecutor General.
«While the investigation of this case continues in accordance to procedures, the only thing I would like to adds – the investigation revolves around a home-made paper album with a video camera inside. This item was found on the shelf together with other gifts in my office, which is publicly accessible and was provided to me during my term. This album was called a strategic item. I’ve never seen or used it myself, so I cannot understand why I’m not a victim in all this,» stresses Ušakovs.
Even if Ušakovs is stripped of his immunity, he may still retain authority as an MEP, since this position is granted to him by the state of Latvia and no institution can take it away. EP receives requests to strip MEPs’ immunity rather frequently. The last EP received 55 requests to strip MEPs of immunity. In 49 cases there requests were satisfied.
LETA previously reported that in January 2019 Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) found and confiscated a device from Riga City Council. This device is believed to have been used for espionage purposes.
KNAB later requested the Office of the Prosecutor General to prosecute the former mayor of Riga.
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