Dry and warm – weather forecast for this week in Latvia

Anticyclone activity will increase this week – weather will be dry and warm during the day. At night, however, air temperature may drop below 0° C in some areas of Latvia, according to Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
In the first half of the week weather in Latvia will not change much. At night air temperature will stay between +6° C and +12° C, whereas during the day air temperature will reach +14° C… +17° C.
On Monday, 4 October, weather will be dry. On Tuesday, however, some rain is possible. Wind will blow from the south-east and may reach a speed of 15-16 m/sec on Wednesday.
In the second half of the week atmospheric pressure above Latvia will be high, meteorologists say. The wind will calm down, weather will be dry and the sun will shine frequently. With clear sky air temperature at night may drop to 0° C… -1° C at times, whereas daytime air temperature may reach +12° C… +15° C.
At the end of the week, according to current forecasts, cyclone activity will start going up. This means weather may become rainy and windy.