Distance teaching becomes a reality again for many students in Latvia

The number of schools that have transferred some of their classes to distance teaching has increased following the increase of the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia, as reported by State Education Quality Service senior expert Jana Veinberga.
Once Covid-19 infection is confirmed in a class, distance teaching may be ordered for part of the students or all students in a class.
Over the course of the week the number of classes in Latvian schools that have transferred to distance teaching has increased. 2.21% of all pre-school education groups are on distance teaching and 1.97% of groups only have some of their students under distance teaching regime.
6.59% of primary education students are under distance teaching. 4.19% of such classes are divided into groups, in which some students go to school and some are under distance teaching. The percentage of classes that have transferred to distance teaching in the last week has increased by nearly 2%.
In secondary education there are 3.56% of classes under distance teaching. In 6.53% of cases only groups of students from each class are under distance teaching.
The majority of students under distance teaching are in Riga and Daugavpils. Most often students who are under distance teaching are in 1st-6th grade. IKVD explains in most cases there are entire classes, not groups of students, under distance teaching.
In vocational education, 87 classes are under distance teaching. In 100 cases only groups of students, not entire classes, under distance teaching. Growth is observed in these groups as well.
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Distance teaching in vocation education is observed the most often in Riga and Madona.
BNN previously reported that Latvia has declared a state of emergency for a period of three months. Along with the state of emergency the government has imposed a number of restrictions to limit the spread of Covid-19.