Denmark to vaccinate with booster dose 26 weeks after full vaccination

In Denmark, which plans to administer the booster dose against Covid-19 to every person currently fully vaccinated against the disease in the Nordic country, it has been advised to inject the third dose six and a half months after the first full vaccination, Danish news portal reports.
From Monday, October 18, Danes aged 65-84 will be the first to be offered a third dose under the policy since this age group was among the first to receive vaccinations against Covid-19 in the late winter and early spring.
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«The timing of revaccination is crucial. We want to begin revaccination before people get seriously ill with Covid-19 and at the same time ensure revaccination is done on a well-supported, knowledge-based foundation,» Danish Health Authority deputy director Helene Probst explained on Friday, October 15.
Denmark’s government announced its intention to offer all of the eligible population a booster jab as early as August. The EU’s European Medicines Agency earlier in October approved revaccination of people aged 18 and over once six months have passed after the second dose and the approval currently only applies to the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19, reports.