Deadly car cash in Palanga leaves municipality answering road maintenance questions

In the western Lithuanian town of Palanga, a car crash has taken place taking the lives of a father and mother, leaving two children behind. A local man spoke of seeking road maintenance work for the street, where the car crashed, but, he said, insufficient action followed, Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT reports.
The crash occurred last weekend on the outskirts of Palanga. The police reported that on Saturday, at around 23:20, a car was found overturned on its roof in a ditch near the Didžioji street with the bodies of a man and a woman inside. A pre-trial investigation into the accident has been launched and will determine the driver and at what speed it was travelling along a narrow street with a deep ditch on one side.
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A man called Virgis, who lives near the place of the accident, said it was not surprising that the car overturned on this street. «The main problem is not the ditch but the road. When it rains, it’s like a skating rink,» Virgis told
According to the man, he has repeatedly appealed to Palanga municipality and asked for the road to be fixed. But he did not receive any attention from the authorities, Virgis said. The street is being fixed «regularly» and previous maintenance work was done on November 11, according to Veronika Alšauskaitė, head of projects at the Palangos Komunalinis Ūkis municipal company.