Deadline for Covid-19 vaccination certificate acquisition extended for public sector workers in Latvia

Considering the large number of people employed in state administration, municipal administration, state and municipal businesses, as well as the private sector, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers decided on 9 November to clarify the requirement for workers to have a valid Covid-19 certificate so they are able to perform their duties after 15 November, as reported by the State Chancellery.
The changes propose that the people employed in the public sector who will have commenced their vaccination course by 15 November but will not have received a valid Covid-19 certificate by then will be allowed to continue doing their jobs normally or remotely (if possible). For these people the deadline for acquisition of a Covid-19 certificate is extended until 15 December.
This means residents are able to continue doing their jobs using a certificate of a test that is not older than 72 hours. Residents will have to pay for the test from their own wallet unless they have an agreement with their employment.
The same requirements apply to people employed in the private sector.
The State Chancellery notes that the growth of Latvia’s economy and general welfare of the country’s residents is affected by the large percentage of residents infected with Covid-19 and the safety measures imposed to limit the spread of the infection.
Most of the people who are hospitalised with Covid-19 are non-vaccinated. Their fate is decided by artificial lung ventilation machines.
«This is why we remind that from 15 December onward all other people who do jobs face-to-face or outside their home will be able to continue doing their jobs only if they have a valid vaccination or recovery certificate,» notes the State Chancellery.
With the pandemic continuing, remote work becomes a requirement for all people whose jobs allow it.