Daytime air temperature to gradually reach +3° C in Latvia

On Tuesday, the 9th of January, the sky in Latvia will be mostly cloudy. At times, however, there will be moments of clear sky in western and central regions. Clouds in eastern parts of the country will bring some precipitation and thaw.
Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre warns that roads will become slippery.
Meteorologists say wind speed will be slow to moderate. This means fog may form in some areas. Air temperature will gradually reach -2° C… +3° C. The layer of snow will melt in many parts of the country.
The thaw will continue in the middle of the week. No intensive precipitation is expected. Wind speed will go up and reach 15-19 m/sec (20 m/sec along the coast on Thursday, the 11th of January). Daytime air temperature will reach 0° C… +4° C. On the night to Wednesday air temperature will drop slightly below 0° C.
Weather conditions will be volatile at the end of the week. On the night to Friday it will become colder. At times air temperature may drop as far as -10° C. On the weekend air temperature in western parts of the country will stay close to 0° C, whereas in eastern parts of Latvia air temperature will be 0° C… -5° C. With air temperature going between negative and positive values, ice will frequently form in different parts of the country. The weekend is expected to be rich with precipitation.
Frost may return to the country at the start of next week.
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