Day 100 of war in Ukraine: One-fifth of country’s territory occupied, 20 000 residents remain in Russia’s next aim Lysychansk, Lithuanian drone donation to turn into drone and humanitarian aid

Friday, June 3, is the 100th day of Russia’s illegal, full-scale invasion into Ukraine. The war has resulted in a massive human cost and widespread destruction, while Russian forces currently occupy one-fifth of Ukraine’s territory. The most intense fighting continues in the Donbas region, where after invading the largest part of Severodonetsk, the next aim of the invaders is Lysychansk. Ukraine still needs humanitarian aid and heavy weapons, Ukrinform, the Institute for the Study of War, Nexta TV, LRT and Reuters report.
«The entire temporarily-occupied territory of our state is now a complete disaster zone, for which Russia bears full responsibility,» Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy evaluated in an address on the eve of the 100th day of the war.
Referring to the announcements of the US, the UK and Germany on plans to send multiple-launch artillery rocket systems and air defence systems, Zelenskyy signalled that more is needed to stop the Russian troop advance in the Donbas and for Ukrainian forces to go on counter-offensive.
«We are expecting more good news on weapon supplies from other partners… We are working to bring the supply of modern combat systems to a much higher level,» Reuters quoted Zelenskyy as saying. The Ukrainian President also noted that Russia has occupied one fifth of the country’s territory. This includes Crimea and Donbas territories seized in 2014.
Watch a video address by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

What Moscow says about heavy arms shipments to Ukraine
The press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that Russia has never attacked a country in its history. According to Reuters, he also evaluated that Western arms supplies would not change the course of the «special operation» as the aggressor state calls the invasion.
«Pumping weapons into Ukraine does not change all the parameters of the special operation. Its goals will be achieved, but this will bring more suffering to Ukraine,» Dmitry Peskov said as Russia has lost over 20 000 troops in combat since February 24.
Operational situation on frontline
Fighting between Ukrainian troops and Russia’s and its allied forces continues along the frontline from the Black Sea to north eastern Ukraine. The most intense exchange of fire continues in the area of Izium, Severodonetsk-Lysychansk and Popasna. After seizing the most part of the city of Severodonetsk, the invading troops have the nearby Lysychansk as their next objective in the Luhansk Region.
Nexta TV quoted Alexander Zaika, the head of the Lysychansk city military administration, as saying that the situation in Lysychansk is very difficult. According to him 60% of the city’s infrastructure has been destroyed in warfare and about 20,000 residents remain in the city, where there is no light, gas, water supply, or phone and internet communications.
The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed in its report on the situation in the 24 hours to Friday morning, as quoted by Ukrinform that in the Sloviansk direction Donetsk Region, Russian troops were strengthening their positions. The invaders opened fire on civil infrastructure facilities near Dibrivne, Kurulka, Virnopillia, Chervona Poliana, etc. Near Dovhenke, Russian troops launched air strikes from combat aircrafts. Russian assault operations near such settlements as Bohorodychne and Dolyna took place, but failed and invaders retreated after Ukrainian forces inflicted damage to them.
In the Donetsk direction, Russian troops continued to launch artillery strikes all over the contact line.In the Lyman direction, the invaders opened fire on civil infrastructure facilities near such settlements as Yarova, Shchurove, Staryi Karavan and Raihorodok. The enemy conducted assault operations near Studenka.
Around Severodonetsk, Russia’s and its allied forces continued to fire at Ukrainian positions and civil infrastructure near such settlements as Severodonetsk, Borivske, Ustynivka and Lysychansk. Russia’s assault aircrafts launched air strikes near Myrna Dolyna, the General Staff claimed as quoted by Ukrinform. The possible losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were not mentioned in the report.
Zelenskyy has stated that Ukrainian forces were losing around one hundred troops per day.
Lithuanian donation for Bayraktar to Ukraine turns into much more
In four days, Lithuanians donated around 5,9 million euros to buy a Bayraktar TB2 drone to be given as a gift to Ukraine. Turkey and its manufacturer Baykar has decided to give the drone to Lithuania for free and asked money intended for it to Ukraine in the form of humanitarian aid. The author of the fundraising campaign Andrius Tapinas was quoted as saying by LRT that 1.5 million euros will, however, be used to equip the drone.