Covid-19 vaccine booster shot. Who needs it and who doesn’t?

Although initial vaccination using the first and second injection is the primary means of defence against Covid-19, there are certain groups of residents who are recommended to sign up for a third vaccine injection or a «booster shot».
Booster shots of Covid-19 vaccine are recommended to:
residents aged 65 or older;
residents aged 18 or older who live in social care, centres or nursing homes;
residents who work in healthcare, because this sector is at risk of local outbreaks the most;
residents aged 50 or older who suffer from chronic diseases;
residents vaccinated using Janssen vaccine – regardless of age.
Booster shots should be administered no sooner than six months after finishing a full vaccination course using Comirnaty (Pfizer/BioNTech) or Vaxzevria (prev. AstraZeneca) or no sooner than six months or no later than eight months after finishing a full vaccination course using Spikevax (prev. Moderna).
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The National Vaccination Council in Latvia (IVP) does not recommend booster shots to residents younger than 30 years and who do not suffer from other illnesses.
IVP stresses that it is an absolute priority to ensure uninterrupted and easily accessible primary vaccination in Latvia!