Covid-19 jabs will be enough for Latvian residents to do their jobs normally

From 15 December onward persons who will have received either one Jannsen vaccine jab or two jabs of other Covid-19 vaccines will be able to work normally at their job stations without having to wait 14 days for their vaccination certificate to generate, as provided by amendments passed by the Latvian government to the order regarding the state of emergency.
Until they receive their certificate employed residents will be able to continue performing their duties normally after vaccination by simply presenting a testing certificate no older than 72 hours or a workplace screening antigen test no older than 72 hours.
It is expected that employees will have to cover the costs related to Covid-19 testing on their own unless there is an agreement with their employer.
The Cabinet of Ministers previously suggested that the people employed in the public sector who will have commenced their vaccination course by 15 November but who have not yet received a Covid-19 vaccination certificate will be able to continue performing their duties remotely or in person. The term for acquisition of a valid Covid-19 certificate for these people is 15 December 2021.
The same conditions apply to people employed in the private sector to ensure service provision can continue without interruptions. People who were informed by their employer of the need to vaccinate are to complete their vaccination course by 15 December 2021.