Covid-19 infection going down in Europe and Latvia

Last week, between 17th and 23rd October, the number of new Covid-19 infection cases went down slightly when compared to the week prior, according to information from the Disease Prevention and Control Centre (SPKC).
A total of 4 373 new Covid-19 infection cases were registered in Latvia last week. The infection’s reproductive number (R) increased slightly and reached 0.87. The number of hospitalised patients decreased by 8%, SPKC notes.
Covid-19 infection cases went down across all of Latvia last week.
Infection cases went down across all age groups. No significant drop was observed for the 10 to 19 years age group.

According to SPKC, a drop in new infections is observed not only in Latvia but all of Europe in general.

SPKC reminds that adapted Covid-19 vaccines are available at general practitioners and vaccination rooms across the country. It is also possible to vaccinate for flu.
Residents can opt in for a simultaneous flu and Covid-19 vaccination.