Covid-19 certificate in Latvia: what is and what isn’t accessible without it?

From Monday, 15 November, culture events, all stores and services will once again become accessible in Latvia. However, they will be accessible only in «green regime». This means residents are required to have a valid Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate.
Goods and services of first necessity will remain accessible in «red regime». This means who have a valid certificate and those who don’t will still be able to access services and goods.
Stores and service providers will be allowed to remain open 06:00-21:00.
Goods of first necessity will be available for purchase in stores with a total area below 1 500 m2 and a separate entrance from outside. Stores like Maxima XX and Maxima XXX will be accessible only to residents who have a valid Covid-19 certificate. All Rimi supermarkets will work under «green regime» until 11 January. Rimi Mini that are not located in shopping malls will remain accessible in «red regime».
All Lidl stores will be open in «red regime». These stores will be open 07:00-23:00 every day from 15 November onward.
On weekends residents will be able to access goods of first necessity only in shopping malls.
From 15 November onward public transport services will be available to residents who don’t have a valid Covid-19 certificate. Adults will not be able to access public transport discounts if they don’t have a certificate, however.
Face-to-face teaching will continue for all classes in schools. Nevertheless, school administrations will have to ensure different groups of students do not overlap.
Teachers and students will need to wear protective masks during lessons and on break.
Events and culture services will be provided in person but will be available only to residents with a valid Covid-19 certificate. Children will be allowed to participate in culture events. No Covid-19 test is required for children under the age of 12. For children 12 or older it will be necessary to present a certificate or a school test.
All sports events will be permitted only in «green regime». International events will be require a «bubble approach».
«Green regime» requirements will apply to all categories and ages for sports events in Latvia.
Bubble format for sports events will require full separation of personnel involved in the organisation of the sports competition, provide testing and ensure compliance with other measures in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The testing requirement will extend to persons who have a valid Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate.
15 November also marks the start of the requirement for most workers to have a valid Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate.
The transition period for vaccination is also extended until 15 December for residents who commenced their vaccination course before 15 November.
From 15 December onward all people employed in the private sector and working in person will need to have a valid Covid-19 certificate.