Court of law receives criminal case against Latvian ex-Minister of Health

Prosecution office has sent a criminal case against former Latvian Minister of Health Ilze Viņķele for inaction in the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines.
On 30 May Latvian Office of the Prosecutor General sent to the court a criminal case based on Part 1 of Section 319 of the Criminal Law.
The prosecutor in charge of the case explains that Viņķele, knowing the possible availability of Covid-19 vaccines on the global markets in 2021 and that Latvia, as a European Union member state, supports the agreement reached by member states in regards to the supply of Covid-19 vaccines and procedures related to procurement of said vaccines, had a duty to develop a strategy for Covid-19 vaccination and restriction of the spread of the virus in the country. This strategy was to include procurement of vaccines, logistics, competence of officials involved in the process, as well as supply of other medical resources for the vaccination process.
The prosecution office explains that Viņķele did not develop the aforementioned strategy, thereby failing to perform her duties as state official. This means that she, as a state official, through negligence failed to fulfil official duties to prevent damage of interests protected by the law, causing considerable damages to public interests in the process.
The case was sent to Riga City Vidzeme Suburb Court for review.
The prosecution office reminds that no person is considered guilty of any crime until his or her crimes has been proven in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Law.