Court of law imposes temporary protection for Sigulda municipality’s trademark «S!»

On Friday, 14 October, a court of law announced the decision to impose temporary protection for «S!» trademark owned by Sigulda municipality, as confirmed by the administration.
The verdict states that political party For Stability! is not allowed to use «S!» trademark, including for purposes of advertising, promotional materials or on websites without permission from Sigulda municipal administration until a final ruling is made.
According to the municipal administration, political party For Stability! decided to use «S!» trademark as their visual identity. It is a trademark registered for Sigulda municipality. It has been registered in the Patents Office for more than 12 years.

Sigulda municipal administration turned to court to defend their exclusive rights to use the trademark in Latvia and prevent misleading association with the municipality’s values.

For Stability! political party has used «S!» symbol since the start of 14th Saeima pre-election campaign. Sigulda municipal administration has turned to multiple institutions – Corruption Prevention and Combating bureau, State Police, Competition Council, Patents Office, and a court of law.
In the 14th Saeima elections For Stability! political party received 6.80% of votes. As a result, 11 members of this party were elected to the parliament.