Colonel and general responsible for drone supplies to Russia killed in Iran

Colonel Mehdi Mollashahi of the Guards Corps of the Islamic Revolution and General Javad Keiha, who were responsible for organising strike drone supplies to Russia, have been killed in Iran.
Both officers were shot in a car in the City of Zahedan in Sistan and Balochistan Province, as reported by Iranian media.
The incident took place after several weeks of suppression of protests in Zahedan by the Guards Corps of the Islamic Revolution and other Iranian security forces. Protesters in this city had joined the anti-government protests after the murder of 22-year-old woman Mahsa Amini after her arrest by the police in Tehran.
RBK-Ukraine, referencing Iranian news agency Tasnim, reports that the two officers were also in charge of supplies of strike drones to Russia, which uses them in the war against Ukraine.

In summer Russia purchased from Iran several thousand Shaher-136 and Mohajer-6 strike drones, which are now actively used in attacks on infrastructure in Ukraine.

In response to this support, Ukraine revoked the accreditation of the Iranian ambassador and order the embassy to reduce its embassy staff to a minimum. Ukrainian security service has also commenced a criminal procedure over these supplies of drones.