Christmas could turn out white and cold in Latvia

In the coming days colder masses of air will flow to the country from the north, bringing cold temperatures to Latvia that will last the whole week. Air temperature at night will drop as far as -15° C… -17° C. In the second half of the week there will be frequent snowing.
Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre predicts a white and cold Christmas.
On Monday, 20 December, the sky will be mostly cloudy. Snowfall will be frequent at night. Western territories will also experience rain and wet snow. Some snowfall is expected during the day. Drivers are urged to be careful – roads will be slippery!
Wind will blow from the north and north-west. Along the coast wind speed will reach 15-19 m/sec (21 m/sec at night). Air temperature at night will range between 0° C… -6° C and will gradually continue dropping.
On Tuesday night some areas in Latvia will experience snowfall and the layer of snow will increase 1-3 cm.
Wind speed will be slow. Air temperature will be -2° C… -7° C (-9° C in eastern parts of the country). At night air temperature will drop to -8° C… -12° C.
In the middle of the week the volume of precipitation will reduce and wind speed will remain slow. During moments of clear sky air temperature will drop even lower: night-time air temperature in eastern and central regions may drop as far as -10° C… -17° C, according to meteorologists.
According to current forecasts Christmas holiday will be cold and snowy in Latvia. The cyclone will cause frequent snowing, which means the layer of snow may reach 4-8 cm in most of Latvia.
How often has Latvia had white Christmas in the past?
For Christmas most people want at least some snow. It brings a certain festive feeling to this holiday.
But how often does Christmas come white in Latvia? In the last 60 years Christmas in Latvia has had at least 1-10 cm of snow. Snow layers were the thickest in 2010 and 1981 – 31 cm and 30 cm respectively.