Canary Islands announce end of three-month volcano eruption

In Spain’s Canary Islands, local authorities have announced the end of a disastrous volcano eruption three months after it began, British public broadcaster BBC reports.
It was the island of La Palma in the Canary archipelago, which experienced serious disruption and damage to properties in three months of spewing ash and hot molten rock since September 19. During the eruption, the Cumbre Vieja volcano destroyed more than 3,000 properties and hundreds of hectares of farmland on the key Canary Island.
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Over 7,000 inhabitants were forced to leave their homes as lava reached populated places. After a period of days of calmer activity, authorities decided the volcano was not going to flare up again.
«What I want to say today can be said with just four words: The eruption is over,» announced Canary Islands’ regional security chief Julio Perez. The reason for the announcement was that there had been no earth tremors on the island since December 13. This is the longest period without any activity since the eruption of Cumbre Vieja volcano began on La Palma, Spain.