Cafes and restaurants in Latvia to set up dividers between tables and control customer flow

Catering companies that will serve meals to families with children after 15 November will have to separate customer influx into two – for groups with and without children, ass reported by the Ministry of Economics.
From 15 November onward indoor and outdoor catering services will be permitted to be provided only in an epidemiological safe environment. This means service providers and customers will need to have a vaccination/recovery certificate. Children under the age of 12 years do not require a certificate. Children aged 12 years or older will need to present a Covid-19 test that is not older than 72 hours.
In addition to the aforementioned general epidemiological restrictions and vaccination certificate requirement, public catering companies will need to ensure there are no more than four persons at a single table and there is at least 2 m distance separating each table unless there is a dividing wall between the tables.
Public catering services at Riga International Airport will be permitted to be provided if customers sit at different tables and there is 3 m separating them unless there is a wall separating the tables. No more than four customers are allowed to sit at a table unless they are members of the same family.
Catering services to sports teams will have to be provided on the spot using the «bubble principle» – groups of persons that don’t overlap in everyday activities will have to be separated.
Without a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate catering companies will be allowed to issue take-away meals only.
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Catering companies operating from Riga International Airport are to open doors no sooner than 06:00 and close door no later than 21:00.
This week the Cabinet of Ministers approved detailed rules for the ‘life after lockdown’. The plan provides greater freedom for residents vaccinated for Covid-19. It is also planned to lift the curfew and permit face-to-face education.