Buy two nights, get one for free. Lithuania is creative in subsidising tourism this autumn

Lithuania fighting another wave of the pandemic is aware of its potentially serious effects on the tourism sector, therefore a creative way of attracting tourists is expected to help both them and accommodation businesses, Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT reports.
From September, Lithuania is offering to pay for the third night at an accommodation from camping places to hotels.
Independent travellers can sign up online here for a code that allows enjoying a free third night at one out of 500 Lithuanian short-term accommodation providers participating in the programme.
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According to Lithuania Travel, the national tourism development agency, around 1,500 tourists, mostly from Latvia, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Poland, have already signed up for the programme.
The Lithuanian Economy and Innovation Ministry estimates that the promotion will cost around 757,000 euros and will generate up to 2.4 million euros in profit for the country’s tourism sector.
The campaign runs until November 8.
The article originally appeared on LRT English: