Bouncy castle accident in Australia takes lives of schoolchildren

In Australia, five children have died, when during a school event, a bouncy castle was blown into the air by a gust of wind, British news portal BBC reports.
The tragic accident has taken place on Thursday, December 16, in the Australian island of Tasmania. To mark the end of the school year in the town of Devonport, the Hillcrest Primary School organised a Fun Day. With around 40 children taking part in the fair on a sunny and calm summer day, wind blew the bouncy castle skywards, making children fall about ten metres.
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Five children aged 11 to 12 died and three other children remained in a critical condition on Friday, December 16.
Australia’s weather bureau recorded wind speeds between 7km/h and 22km/h on Thursday morning, a range considered average. Local police said they would investigate whether the bouncy castle was tethered to the ground. «We all have a lot of questions», the BBC quoted Tasmania Police Commissioner Darren Hine as saying.