Baltic Defence Ministers: NATO and the EU are experiencing the toughest crisis in recent years

NATO and the European Union are currently experiencing the toughest security crisis in recent years, as stated in an announcement made by Baltic ministers of defence.
Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian ministers of defence condemn the hybrid attack used by the regime in Belarus against the EU. This attack has created a crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border and Lithuanian-Belarusian border. The situation is serious and creates serious threats for the safety of Europe, says Latvia’s Ministry of Defence.
The situation and all sides blaming each other for marching people to the border to and from only increases the risk of a full-blown military conflict, experts say.
The recent deployment of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border may also create risks for the Baltic Sea region.
Baltic defence ministers add this is the most complicated security crisis NATO and the EU have faced in recent years.
Development of the crisis requires unity between NATO and EU member states, an understanding of the situation and a shared approach to ensure no attempts by Belarus and Russia to destabilize the situation in Europe succeed. EU member states are asked to provide more practical support to enhance protection of external borders. Baltic defence ministers stress that allies should support one another to respond appropriately to any provocation from Belarus and Russia.
Baltic States are also prepared to provide assistance to Poland to help the country overcome the hybrid attack.
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