Association head: amount of donations for Ukrainians down considerably

The amount of donations for Ukrainian residents has declined considerably. These people should remember that they won’t be given everything «on a platter», says the head of Latvian association Laiks jauniešiem Gints Jankovskis.
The association organises aid for Ukrainian refugees in Bauska.
As the biggest problem observed now, Jankovskis mentioned the size of donations, which has declined significantly in the past three months. «Prices are up in Latvia, so people make their own living a priority over Ukrainian refugees. It’s not like donations have stopped completely, but they have declined significantly, as has our ability to provide people with aid,» explains Jankovskis.

Currently the association needs financial donations the most,

because money can be used to procure necessary goods to avoid creating large stores of certain groups of products.
Another problem Jankovskis mentioned was the entry of Ukrainian residents of the labour market. «Ukrainian residents have to understand – no one will give them everything on a platter,» said Jankovskis. The association had previously organised a meeting with Kaija and Baltic Candles companies to discuss employment options. Under 30 Ukrainian people came to each event – only five of them considered employment options. «In the end, only a few found jobs,» said Jankovskis.
Jankovskis believes the state and municipal administration should look for ways to stimulate and support NGOs that put up front support for Ukrainian refugees. «I believe the support for our sector in regions is not so unambiguous,» he said.
Previously Latvia’s Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš explained that after the end of the extended period for provision of support to Ukrainian refugees in the country, it will be necessary to find medium and long-term solutions to support Ukrainian refugees.