Analysts: Putin is trying to create conditions for escalation against Baltic States

Russian President Vladimir Putin has activated the Kremlin’s old attempts in the information field to create conditions for an escalation against Baltic States, according to analysts of the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW).
Putin does that as part of general efforts to weaken NATO.
According to ISW analysts, for some time now Putin has been trying to trivialise the sovereignty of the former Soviet republics.
For a long time Russia has claimed it has the right to protect “its compatriots abroad”, including ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers that live outside of Russia’s borders.

“ISW has not observed any signs that a Russian attack on the Baltic States would be inevitable or plausible,

but Putin may be creating conditions in the information space for Russia’s next aggressive actions abroad, using efforts to protect compatriots as an excuse,” analysts say.
“The Kremlin and its associated players have recently been conducting information operations and hybrid warfare tactics aimed at destabilizing NATO, and may be creating preconditions in the field of information for Russia’s possible future aggressive actions against NATO members and their neighbours,” analysts say.
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