Alleged Russian spy in Latvia publicly invites «other spies» to stop betraying their country

Valentins Frolovs, who is accused of spying in Russia’s favour in Latvia, has publicly reached out to «other spies», asking them to cease working for Russia.
Frolovs mentioned in the statement posted on Delfi portal that the five-year prison sentence is a fair and deserved punishment and that his crimes does not deserve tolerance, because there is and can be no excuse for it.

He found out about Russian armed forces invading Ukraine during his time under arrest.

He said he became incredibly ashamed and angry when he imagined that the information that he had provided Russian special services could have been used in the military aggression one way or another.
Frolovs asked for forgiveness from the people who truly care about the fate of independent and freedom-respecting Latvia.

At the same time, he also urged those who continue cooperating with Russian special services to stop betraying their country.

«I invite you to stop being scared. Drop your shadow career! I urge you to report to authorities and admit your guilt, which will continue ruining your very essence anyway. Not just to stop working against Latvia but also to relieve your conscience – to become at peace and regain confidence about the future,» Frolovs’ statement mentions.
Valentins Frolovs is accused of espionage – illegal collection and provision of secret information to foreign intelligence services. On 17 May Riga City Vidzeme Suburb Court found him guilty and sentenced to five years in prison with three years of probation. The six months he spent under arrest will be added to served time.
Frolovs has the option to appeal the ruling at Riga Regional Court. The prosecution is satisfied with the sentence and has no plans to submit any protests, as confirmed by the prosecution’s press-secretary Aiga Eiduka.
On 8 May LTV programme De Facto reports that construction businessman Frolovs, who served in the Soviet army in the 80s, spied for Russia for a long time.
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According to the annual report from the State Security Service (VDD), Frolovs collected information about the location and deployment of NATO forces in Baltic states, airports used for military logistics, Latvia’s defensive capabilities and domestic policies, De Facto reported.
Frolovs was put under arrest last year.
His defence attorney Egons Rusanovs asked the arrest to be replaced with bail. Recently judge Biruta Horuna agreed and let him out in exchange for EUR 30 000.