Air temperature to his +23° C in Latvia one more time

Cold masses of air will flow to Latvia from the north together with a cyclone. This means there is a possibility of cold snap at night. Rain clouds will form and many parts of Latvia will experience rainfall and strong wind, as reported by Latvia’s State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
But next week a wide anticyclone will dictate weather conditions in Latvia. This means precipitation will calm down. Summer is expected to return briefly in the middle of the week.
On Friday Latvia can expect volatile cloudiness. Many areas will experience rainfall. At night the wind will blow from the west and south-west. In the morning the wind will change direction to west and north-west. Wind speed will reach 15-18 m/sec (20 m/sec along the coast).
Air temperature at night will be +8° C… +13° C. Daytime air temperature will reach +12° C… +17° C.
The weekend will be colder. It will be partly sunny and cloudy with short-term rain. The wind will be slow to moderate. Wind speed may reach 15 m/sec along the coast. Air temperature at night will drop to +2° C… +7° C. Cold snap is possible. Nights will be slightly warmer along the coast (+8° C… +13° C). Daytime air temperature will reach +10° C… +15° C.
Monday will be cloudy with some rain. Air temperature will drop to +4° C… +10° C at night and stay at +12° C… +16° C during the day.
In the middle of next week and the end air temperature will gradually increase under the anticyclone.
Clouds will gradually disperse and precipitation will calm down. Wind will blow from the south. Mist may form at night and in morning hours.
Air temperature will be +9° C… +15° C at night and +20° C… +23° C during the day (+16° C… +19° C along the coast).