Air temperature in Latvia to reach -10° C

On the night to Wednesday, the 17th of January, the sky in Latvia will be clear and air temperature in Vidzeme and parts of Zemgale went dropped as far as -20° C. The sun will shine during the day, but from midday onward the sky will become cloudy, as reported by Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
No significant precipitation is expected. Roads will become slippery. The wind will blow from the south and south-east, reaching a speed of 15-17 m/sec along the coast. Air temperature will reach -5° C… -10° C (-3° C… -6° C along the coast), meteorologists say.
On Thursday night the sky will become cloudy again. Snowing is expected in morning hours in many parts of the country. At times snowing will be intense.

Precipitation will calm down around the afternoon and the sky will gradually start clearing up in western territories, allowing the sun to shine.

Latvian meteorologists report that this night southern and south-eastern wind will pick up in strength to 15-19 m/sec. It will calm down in most of the country during the day, but it will remain strong along the coast. Air temperature at night will drop to -3° C… -7° C in western parts of Latvia. In eastern parts air temperature will drop to -8° C… -13° C. Daytime air temperature, on the other hand, will be at +1° C along the coast and -6° C in Vidzeme and Latgale.
Weather will remain frosty on the weekend as well. Some snowing is expected in most of the country, as well as strong wind. The latest weather forecasts suggest weather will become warmer next week: snow will change into rain and cyclones will bring about windier weather.
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