Air temperature in Latvia to continue dropping on the weekend

Heavy snowfall is expected in Latvia on the weekend. Colder masses of air will flow to Latvia on the weekend – air temperature expected to drop to -10° C. Daytime air temperature will drop below 0° C, as reported by Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
On Friday, 3 December, snowing will continue in many parts of Latvia. Snowing will be especially heavy in Kurzeme and Vidzeme. During the day wind speed will calm down. Air temperature will be at -2° C… +3° C. Roads will be slippery!
Colder masses of air will flow to Latvia on weekend. This means air temperature will continue going down. On Saturday many parts will experience snowfall, some areas may experience ice rain.
Wind speed will be slow to moderate. Air temperature at night will drop as far as -10° C in north-eastern parts. During the day, air temperature will not rise above +1° C… -6° C, as reported by meteorologists.
On Sunday there will be more snow and a couple of degrees colder. Air temperature will drop as far as -11° C in the north-eastern areas and -2° C along the coast. Daytime air temperature will range between -2° C… -11° C.