After Estonian municipal election, Reform Party prepares for coalition in Tartu

The Estonian local government election in Estonia’s second largest city Tartu has been won by the ruling Reform party. Reformists with Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas in front will hold coalition-building talks with the social democrats and the national-conservative party Isamaa, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
Tartu is the education and cultural centre of Estonia, a city with a 91-thousand population.
On Monday, October 18, Reform’s Tartu region head and Tartu mayor Urmas Klaas stated that Reform gained trust and a mandate from the local residents to create a city government. «It is in Tartu’s interests to create a wide-based and effective coalition government, which represents the voices of as many locals as possible,» the politician stated.
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In the last week’s election, Reform Party received 19 seats in the 49-seat Tartu city council. Right-wing populists EKRE and liberal Eesti 200 got eight seats on the council, the Social Democrats won five seats, as has Isamaa. Centre Party will have four people to the city council, ERR reports.