After Czech election, President Zeman taken to hospital

In the Czech Republic’s parliamentary election, opposition political block has won unexpectedly. After the vote, Czech President Miloš Zeman has been taken to a hospital’s intensive care unit, British broadcaster BBC reports.
The Czech parliamentary election took place on Saturday, October 11, when Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and his populist ANO party sought re-election after four years in power. However, they were beaten in the poll by the centre-right coalition Together, which took 27.8% of the vote compared to ANO’s 27.1%.
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Together has announced talks with the liberal Pirates/Mayors coalition known as PirStan to form a government. Together the two groups control 108 of the parliament’s 200 seats. And yet, President Zeman noted before the election he would pick the winner of the largest individual party, not coalition, to form the next government.
Following the election, Zeman was taken to hospital. Prague’s Central Military Hospital director announced that Zeman was in intensive care for complications from a known condition. «We know the diagnosis precisely, which allows us to target treatment,» director Miroslav Zavoral said, but added that he would not give any further details at the president’s request, BBC reports.