Afghanistan resistance movement denies Taliban victory in Panjshir

The Taliban group a month after declaring victory in the whole territory of Afghanistan still has not conquered a province in the north-east of the country, where it faces military resistance, according to what a representative of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan said in an interview with France 24 broadcaster.
On September 6, Taliban claimed to have taken control of Panjshir province north of the capital Kabul. The province with 173 thousand inhabitants was the last holdout of anti-Taliban forces in the country and still seems to stay that way.
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In an interview published on Tuesday, October 5, Ali Maisam Nazary, head of foreign relations for the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF), an anti-Taliban military alliance which recently set up a parallel government in response to the Taliban taking power, explained the situation from the point of view of the NRF.
The representative argued that the country’s new rulers «are not victorious» in Afghanistan’s north-eastern Panjshir region, that the «resistance is continuing» and that the NRF actually controls «more than half» of Panjshir, despite Taliban «propaganda» to the contrary. Ali Maisam Nazary also said that Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the anti-Taliban NRF, «is inside the country», is not planning on leaving Afghanistan, and is «going to continue resistance until we achieve freedom and we achieve victory», France 24 reports.