30 volunteers to assist Stradins hospitals with Covid-19 patients

On Friday, 5 November, 30 volunteers will start working at Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, as confirmed by Latvian Samaritan Association’s communications specialist Zane Aperāne.
People from Riga, Rezekne and Liepaja have signed up as volunteers to work at the hospital. All of the volunteers have valid Covid-19 safety certificates.
Currently there is a cooperation agreement signed between the association and hospital only in Riga. Based on the situation, however, new agreements may be signed in other cities as well.
Aperāne adds that the association has organised training in regards to the vaccination process, available vaccines and the most popular myths, because volunteers will go to patients and pensioners to convince them to get vaccinated for Covid-19.
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As previously reported, at the beginning of November Stradins Hospital completed the agreement on the involvement of volunteers in Covid-19 patient care.
Volunteers will provide psycho-emotional and practical assistance to Covid-19 patients undergoing treatment at the hospital and perform other activities to assist with the hospital’s operations.
It is planned that volunteers will assist with turning patients to the side, help them eat, make beds and assist with movement.
Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital is the second largest Covid-19 patient admission facility in Riga.
With increased infection indexes in Latvia and increased numbers of patients in need of assistance, the hospital has organized patient admission in different buildings located on hospital territory. The emphasis on modern infrastructure.
Volunteers will be provided with protective gear so that they are protected against Covid-19.
The Latvian Samaritan Association is a voluntary, independent, competent, innovative, dynamic and action focused public benefit organisation. It is one of the biggest NGOs in Latvia. It has about 900 employees and 500 volunteers.