12.5 million euros to be allocated towards reconstruction of Jekabpils dam

Jekabpils County Council chairman Raivis Ragainis claims the government parties have agreed to allocate EUR 12.5 million towards the reconstruction of Jekabpils dam.
His party – Latvian Green Party – is a member of the Combined List political party.
«We have received confirmation from the government’s cooperation council that EUR 12.5 million will be allocated in order to reinforce the dam with concrete from the inside. This task cannot be accomplished in a single year, because there are the procurements, negotiations and everything else,» added Ragainis.
The head of Jekabpils council predicts

at least three months will pass until a contract is signed for the reconstruction of the dam.

Preparation of all necessary documents and other procedures will require at least one week. Then there is the procurement itself, which needs to be organised in line with requirements of EU funds. This will require at least 45 days. Then there are various permits and evaluation procedures, as well as possible objections to results of the procurement process, explained Ragainis.
The council’s chairman estimates the reconstruction of 50-60% of the most critically damaged portion of the dam could be completed this summer. The remaining work may be completed next season. Construction work will depend on water level fluctuations and the weather, says the regional politician.
During his visit to Jekabpils on the 21st of January, Latvian President Egils Levits said in this situation it would be necessary to change legal regulations,

«bureaucratic obstacles should be put aside and everything possible should be done to ensure the job is done».

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